How To Create A Basement Bar

Basement Bar In Your Home

So you have laid down the dirty work for your basement bar. The next phase is the fun part, building the actual bar.

Choosing the bar surface is the first big decision you have to make. This is important because it likely shape the personality of your bar. The most popular choice for a bar surface is dark wood because it gives a genuine, distinguished and professional look to your bar. But if that’s not the look you are aiming for, there are other surfaces to choose from. Such as: tile, granite and stone. And in recent years, chrome and steel finished have been gaining popularity among the younger crowd.

When considering the bar’s surface area, always make allowances for sinks or appliances that you might need to place there.

Being a good host means that your guests will be comfortable all throughout the party. This is why the seating arrangements that you prepare for your bar is also critical. Your bar stools should complement your bar, not clash with it. The height of the bar surface should be taken into consideration when building or buying the stools. The length of the bar should be noted because it determines the number of bar stools that you will need. If you get too many, the seats will be too close to each other. If you don’t get enough, there is a lot of wasted space in front of the bar.

Where you store your bar essentials (i.e. liquor and ice) is important too. It has to be convenient for the bartender (this could be you), everything they need should be at arm’s length as much as possible. Do not forget to allocate space for your refrigerator or cooler in your basement bar because you don’t want to end up serving warm drinks unless it’s tea time.

Now we arrive to the real fun part of the entire process, deciding your furnishing and theme. The decisions you make here will utterly affect the whole look of the bar and the people who will be spending time in it.

Some popular themes include:

  • The sports bar, where you can usually find multiple television sets and gallons of beer
  • The American-style bar, where neon lights seem to be its main feature
  • The British pub, with lots of dark oak, a snooker table and darts

No doubt you have already a look and style in mind for your basement bar. Just remember to have fun with it because that’s what it is for.

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