How To Remodel Basement Ceiling

Basement Ceiling

Most people will either go with the suspended or dry wall option for their basement ceiling, but there are other alternatives.

Both earlier mentioned options tend to eat up headroom, especially the suspended ceiling. So if you really cannot sacrifice any space above or the pipes wires and ducts are too complicated to work with, then you can opt for the Industrial Look solution.

First thing you should do is seek expert advice. Ask a contractor or home inspector to check if all the items found in your ceiling is safe to paint directly. If you pass the inspection, then you have to start cleaning your pipes and such. Make sure everything is dust-free before you start any painting.

Here are a few painting tips that you might want to use:

  • A paint sprayer will coat everything evenly
  • Lighter colors will give the impression of more headroom and will make the room brighter
  • Darker colors will disguise elements better
  • Painting everything in a uniform color blends the different elements together and invokes an industrial style

If you find the task of painting everything in your basement ceiling too tiring, then you should look into some cheap and less tedious alternatives.

1.) Bamboo or Match Stick Blinds

Try using inexpensive matchstick or bamboo blinds to create some fun ceiling panels in your basement. You can simply install them by using a staple gun and stapling the ends of the blinds.

Now, if you have pipes hanging down from the ceiling, then blinds are the perfect material. They can be draped to cover the pipes.

2.) Faux Wood Paneling

You can buy sheets of faux wood paneling in any home improvement store in your area and they don’t cost as much as the real thing but they are just as good.

You can attach the wood paneling by drilling a hole through it into the ceiling and by securing them with wood screws.

An added tip: try to buy pre primed wood paneling. They are white and they will add a ton of light to your basement. These wood panels are also a fun way to add an architectural detail or interest in a plain basement

Any alternative you choose is based entirely your good judgment, so make sure it is the right one for your basement ceiling.

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