Add Value To Your Home With Basement Finishing

How Basement Finishing Adds Value To Your Home

One major point of consideration for those who are planning to move into a new home or for those who are planning to build a new one is the home’s basement finishing. A well-furnished home makes lounging with family, friends and guests more enjoyable and entertaining. If your basement is for storage purposes, it would require less time to sift through rubbish and find what you’re looking for if your basement is well-finished and organized.

A finished basement also adds style reflective of the homeowners’ taste.  Aside from style, a finished basement also has higher resale value.

Basement finishing project entails several points to consider:

1. Adding or Removing Walls – Walls are usually broken down if you want to create wider space for the purpose which your basement is created for. However, if you want some spaces or corners or your basement covered from the rest of the room, walls may also be added.

2. Paint or Wallpaper – If you are adding walls, naturally, you would want those walls papered or painted. Your choice and decision will depend mostly on the purpose of your basement, your budget, as well as the amount of time you have in finishing the project.

3. Water Resistant Coating – More than a finishing, a water resistant coating or sealant is a necessity.  The dark and damp environment of unfinished basements is the perfect breeding ground for molds.  Molds are harmful when inhaled and are also damaging to furniture and other fixtures in your basement.  Thus, it is important to try and keep moisture and water out by covering tiny wall cracks with water resistant coating and sealant from both the inside and outside walls of the basement.  Waterproofing is also important to keep rain water out if your basement has some wall or window access to garden or open grounds.

4. Flooring – In most cases, tile floors are more practical for basements than wooden floors. Tiles require less maintenance and do not absorb moisture in the air as wooden floors do unless, of course, these woods are pre-treated.

5. Furniture, Lighting and Decoration – The easiest way to choosing the right furniture, lighting and decoration for your basement is to identify the purpose of the room, its color theme, and the kind of people who are most likely to occupy or spend more time in it.

When doing a basement finishing project, the most important thing to keep in mind is to stay within budget without sacrificing the entire outcome of the project.

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